Walk-in on the spot 30 minutes for iphone repair at www.kmasterelectronics.com please visit or type kmasterelectronics.com in google for blackberry samsung repair without any appointment and we have certified technicians to offer smartphone support in mississauga brampton oakville burlington hamilton milton geoergetown acton boton orangeville vaughan areas and anyone can reach us at 416-831-5257 905-361-1249, 289-644-5527. our company manages location under Kmaster electronics. www.kmasterelectronics.com services also available mississauga brampton oakville milton burlington georgetown bolton acton vauhan markham scraborough ontario canada


Super fast iPhone Repair walk-in 20-25 minutes iphone repairs 30 minutes walk-in

When you choose someone who started iphone repair and unlocking on dundas street years ago you wil already know it must be Kmaster Electronics walk-in on the spot


ipad 2 3 4 mini air screen repair Kmaster Electronics

Getting your ipa 2 3 4 mini air screen repair is fast and professional please call us to get detail or visit us at kmasterelectronics.com


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Cell Phone Repair Etobicoke

Finding the location for the cell phone repair etobicoke is easy as 123 and here all you needed to do google Kmaster and see your option and choose directions. Our company offering repairs for the past 18 years now and also price cell phone repair training courses at http://cellphonerepairtraining.ca where anyone can lear how to fix smartphone and start their own business from a shop or home. If you are looking to get your phone fix please call us at 416-831-5257, 905-361-1249

iPhone 7 Repair

We offer iphone 7 repair on the spot if you have the iphone with cracked screen and touch may or may not be working then we have the solution for you. Ever single iphone parts we kee in stock and we make sure to give you our best prices. We also keep iphone accessories in stock and replacement tempered glass. Please call us at 416-831-5257

Samsung Galaxy Phone Repair

Always ask second opinion for getting your samsung galaxy phone repair specially when you just bought a new phone from the contract and or replacing it from the hardware upgrades. We are the best to offer every samsung repair on the spot. Samsung are now focusing on J series model and they are lower end phones with the dual sim cards. We can replace the glass and remove networ unlock fast and easy, please visit Kmaster Electronics 

Samsung S5 Repair

Slowly we will find out who else is trying to get top of us for the samsung s5 repair and some of them are aware that our company is the expert professional for any samsung screen replacement on the spot. If you have the cracked glass and have no display then we have the solution for you. Simply bring your device to us to get it fix on the spot. You will be surprise to hear our prices compare to our competitors. We will price match any advertise price only some conditions applied due to some types of lcd out there.

Motorola Phone Repair

Initially our business started with motorola phone repair and ever sice android came samsung getting top of other phones. In our opinion BlackBerry still the solid phone and not breakable compare to other brands. If you neeeded motorola phone screen replacement you can think of Kmaster Electronics

Nexus 6P Repair

Every effor we will make to make sure to offer nexus 6p repair. This model is not very hard to fix and parts are not expensive. Our repair shop has full of experience staff with many many years of experience and this Huawei model comes now in different name please visit us at www.KmasterElectronics.com


Samsung Phone Repair

Long time ago we started samsung phone repair before the android came in and ever since any model anyone brings it to us we can easily fix it without any problem. The experience and knowledge counts when you are offering galaxy lcd charging or even water damage issues. Sometimes samsung depends on reverse engineering which we have the most experience. We if you are experience with security freezing and signal issues you can simply bring the device to us at Kmaster Electronics to get an advise and support.

HTC Repair

Totally forgot about updating our phone list for the HTC Repair, and our competitors taking full advantage and never thought the Kmaster is never behind offering all types of smartphones glass lcd and any other issues. if you are curious to know where is the current location for Kmaster Electronics then please visit KMASTER ELECTRONICS 

Lg Phone Repair

We offer Lg phone repair quick and fast if you are looking to get lg screen repair or even charging We are the expert to fix lg phones walk-in without any appointment. Lg has launched g3, g4, g5 and newer g series phones and they all needed a complete lcd assembly . if you would like to get lg information please call us at 416-831-5257

iPad Air Screen Repair

Every model is different which can be found at the back of your ipad. When you needed an ipad air screen repair simply go to www.kmasterelectronics.com to get the digitizer replace. Every job comes with warranty and We offer cases also in our cell phone store.

iPad 2 Screen Repair

Walk in ipad 2 screen repair can easily be found when you search for Kmaster walk-in centre and follow the maps to get to our store front entrane. Our team has a dedicated area just for Apple iPhone and ipad models and keep all the replacement glass lcd in stock. Please visit www.kmastereelctronics.com

To get your iphone repair blackberry repair samsung and ipad screen repair near you please call us
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